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I think I've made enemies with some blonde woman.

Also she called me a vampire.
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Want me to get rid of her?

... And you are pale and red eyed.
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Consider who I am. Consider who you are. Consider how many damns I give.

... Well I'm saying, the albinism would make you look a bit vampiric.
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I think back in... 2007? 2008? Late Fall. Temporary Reality. it collapsed and you were set back to normal.
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Pretty much. It was before we were extremely close. I think it was due to a stupid computer I may or may not have anymore.
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Nope. Wouldn't unless you implicitly asked.
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Then we are in agreement.
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Yeah I totes find you intolerable.
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Whaddya mean Luna ain't yer enemy, Luna'll get you fer this!
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That's why Luna is yer enemy.
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You ARE a vampire.

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Red Eyes, a sign of evil power.
Pale skin, a sign of rigormortis.
Your skin burns in the sunlight.

Seems pretty vampiric.

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Is it at all possible humans developed their views of Vampirism off of Albinism?

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Why not? It has a lot of similar features.
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Besides, it's absurd, Earth Vampires went extinct during the Middle Ages. Everyone knows that.
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Who do look like a vampire to me.
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No. That would be fake.
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Okay then.