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Alright. I think my mind is better now.

... I think, at least. I think I'm still dazing out at points, but I feel like I'm thinking at least at a normal capacity, once more.

I hope I don't experience something like that again anytime soon.
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I hope snuggling up to me has been helping.
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... how? Can I help somehow?
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I just wish I could help you more. :( I feel useless sometimes.
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Also as a note, I'm going out with the douchebag below to fulfill a contract I have to complete.
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It's a contract I'm obliged to complete.
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Nothing stopping you, so.

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Oh, Souha~ You poor thing. Were you devastated by the news of my death? Were you so beside yourself you had to stop thinking?

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You don't recognize me? I've been getting that alot lately.

It's me! Sullivan Adams, your favorite teacher!

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...Really? That hurts. I'm hurt.

We can rekindle our friendship then!

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You two are MARRIED now? By the Swarm that's too great.

Anyway, we once played a game, she lost, and instead of caching my bet in for gods that kill other gods, I just want to hang out.

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It's an exclamation!

Yes, just hang out. We will be the biffles.