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... So, I somehow won two tickets to a four-day cruise trip that departs from Domino's docks.

I didn't enter into any sort of raffle or anything, so I'd have to wonder if this is good luck... And I hate water and being on ships for any extended period of time, so I have to wonder if this is bad luck.

Either way, is anyone interested in them? The cruise itself would be departing at the beginning of September.
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I'll take them off of you.
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I'd hope my husband...?
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Onni's my legal husband.
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Yes. If not him, I guess a girlfriend.
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I probably should but I think I'm stepping on Suzume getting to have time with him.
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I wouldn't mind considering it, but I think Juudai and I are too busy to consider a cruise.
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Thanks anyways, for offering.
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Thank you.
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What's the catch, is this a gay only cruise?

So I can decide if I want to take Vidya or Erland.
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That sounds oddly normal.

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Ever considered having Noriko have you on a cruise on a flying cruise ship?
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What about a cruise in a Subterranean Landshark Ship???