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... I'm a parent now. Huh.

I'm sure my reaction will have a lot more impact, once the shock wears off.
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I'm in shock myself.

Did we really do this?
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Apparently I'm getting Mom jeans from Shiyoko.

So. What do we do now?

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Might as well leave more field operationy things to 'Moeko' in the interim.

... How am I supposed to nurture anyways. Just hug and feed him??

Man, I need to think a bit more ahead here.

And remind me to sleep occasionally. So I don't pull my face off. Again.
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... Why do I need sleep more.

Would it be better if I made him more comfortable with my natural or human forms, do you think?
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Well, yes, that's why Sadame has orders to knock me out if I'm looking poorly rested.

So 50/50, 25/75, or 75/25 you think?

I'd note it kind of is unnatural, but it's necessary so people don't break and scream. ... Also I find it easier to relate to people as a human.
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And let Sumiho decide how he likes to see me as he grows up.

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Congratulations, Souha!

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Like I said to Noriko, you'll probably get used to it!
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At least you get to write the first paper about this.
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I feel like I should take one of ya out to celebrate.

Preferably with steak.
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... So how long before anyone can see the tyke? I think I get some dibs as a family friend and quasi-neighbor.
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Alright! Sorry if I'm being pushy.
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Really? I thought I was being super pushy there.
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... Can I see them soon, er. ... What do I call you? Father? Other Mother?
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... Alrght.

... I honestly want to make things right by you two. I'm... bad at trying to be nice, but...

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Congratulations, you two. Hope you guys enjoy parenthood!

...When you guys can get more than three hours sleep at a time, that is.
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Well it's about time someone else was. I've already got three, what kept you?

Seriously though, congrats.
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I suppose we're about even if you consider that... it's kind of cheating, though.

To be fair, I don't think you're out all that much. Though I admit, with three young children, three or so wives, and a business or two to run, I'm fairly busy myself.
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So it could feel more 'real'?

That'd do it. I don't think I've been over there more than... a handful of times, at most.

I've only just recently had a son of my own. I'm not entirely sure what to think quite yet, as Setsu comes and goes as she pleases, son included. Of course, every child is different.
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Very good that it did. Though, I think I understand what you were feeling. Didn't really happen to me so much, but having a bunch of adopted children you don't interact much must have made you feel... isolated from the family as a whole. Now that you have your own, you've better defined your role, so everything feels more... complete. At least, that's what I imagine.

Yes. Shiyoko, Vidya, and now Setsu. In a way, I'm kind of glad that I had a son with her... I think he'll have a lot more pressure, being a prince of Hyperboria, directly.
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Prince of an empire, rather. Of magical robots. While being a squishy human... mostly.

As for your son, I imagine he'll have more social pressure to stay in a certain boundary. Gren Maju Da Eiza doesn't really have a particular role or lifestyle expected of the name or title. Expectations would be of the 'what not to do' kind, rather than the 'what to be'.

Not as much as my daughters, but I do see him a fair bit. I think Setsu is a bit lost on what to do with an organic child.
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I suppose. Kind of like that one american film, with the super powered family having to keep their powers secret. Having to keep out of areas they'd naturally excel, because they'd expose themselves and it'd just be plain unfair.

Fortunately, Domino is rather open to special abilities like that, so the main thing is discouraging from anything that'd frankly be illegal whether they were normal or not... for the most part, anyway.

Still, as for a normal life and those sorts of choices, I imagine he'll be able to take his pick. I suppose then it'd just be a matter of teaching him control... or, in a pinch, to see his abilities as a crutch... there if he really needs them, but something to use only in great need.

Well, suffice to say you'll have your work cut out for you... but I think it won't be as unusual as you'd think.
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Exactly my point.

You'll be fine. Noriko will call in the reserves if anything goes too wrong. You'll just have a hard time remembering what sleep is for a year or two.
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She can cheat and go to a different timeline, or just slow time for herself so she can get 8 hours sleep in the 2ish hour span she'll have.

Or, switch to a sleep schedule involving a lot of precisely timed naps.