keepersouha: (focused)
Nmhnmgh, my head...

Some crazy woman decided to start trying to fight me while I was walking around... What in the world was with all of that...
keepersouha: (... are you sure?)
Nn... It's getting a lot warmer out now.

Maybe I should spend more time outside now.

But what if rain starts to come...

Erland, your universe spoils too much.
keepersouha: (kinda annoyed)
You know what there needs to be?

There needs to be more things that I could just set on fire.
keepersouha: (focused)
... I guess I'm going to just have to stay inside for the next season or so.

I really hate all of this snow...
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
... I don't know what's worse in this case.

The fact that I lost that duel, or the fact that my opponent seemed to be trying to flirt with me.
keepersouha: (guilty)
... Just what in the world happened to her that she'd dream something like that...?
keepersouha: (a bit crazy and a bit smug)
*A burning dilapidated city.


A lonely office.


Someone is laughing on top of a tall building, watching as the other ones burn to the ground.


A young woman with black hair gives a small sigh, looking through books, writing some notes, as a light flickers from the window.


A young man... Or woman? With white hair, waves their hand casually as more flames sprout onto the neighboring buildings.


The black-haired woman glances outside the window, seeing the flames lick at the window. She seems remarkably unperturbed by the scene, returning to her work with a listless expression.

These scenes seem to keep switching back and forth at a moment's notice, both subjects of note unaware of the change. You could be at one moment standing on top of the building with the one who is laughing at the destruction, and then standing within the dark, cold office with the young researching woman the next.

Where would you prefer to be?*
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
... I didn't burn down a city last night, did I?

I mean, I've looked around, and I see a distinct lack of things having been burnt down, so I'm not entirely sure...
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... Red, green, blue, blonde, black...

Who in the world has the time to dye their hair so many colors?
keepersouha: (mnn...)
... Alright, now I'm being followed.

By someone who's very bad at it.
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... Has one ever had crows follow you around?

... As well, has one ever seen them vanish into thin air after spontaneously combusting?
keepersouha: (barely listening)
Aah... It's getting colder, isn't it?

Soon we'll get more rain, more snow... How troublesome, honestly.

This wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so bored of staying inside.
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
Finally, some success has occurred in keeping my mouth shut.

Best birthday I've had in years.
keepersouha: (mnn...)
... Well, I've got my things packed up, now...

... Noriko, when can I move in?
keepersouha: (mnn...)
... Head feels fuzzy... Just what did I do yesterday?

... And why has Sekuta purchased a bunch of red chalk?
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
What an interesting store that is-- I should really go there more often. So many things to look into~

[Private to Noriko]

Noriko, dear, I've found something interesting.
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
Alright I think that's enough tearing out my hair and screaming at myself in a neurotic fit for at least the next hour or for as long as I can not look at something.

Noriko, I'm going to ask you this straight-forward.

Did you do anything to Sekuta that I should be aware about?
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... I just saw Sekuta going out with some girl in glasses and some frumpy outfit.

Is he... Seeing someone else?
keepersouha: (mnn...)
Huh... Very odd.

Sekuta acted a bit weird for an hour or so after he came back from being out, but he wouldn't tell me why.

I wonder if something happened?
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
... So, question.

Why is it that some girls can look more masculine than I can, naturally?


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