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Birthdate:Oct 10
(( Name: Samasu Souha (( 狭間朱, 爽波 - Cramped Space Scarlet, Refreshing Wave ))
Age: 25
Gender: Male by birthright
Current Deck: Hazy Flames (Slave) / Guardian Baou Beatdown (Contradiction) / Fire Dragons (Mask)

Description: Neat, white hair going to the mid-back, with two side-pieces framing his pale face. Has red eyes and slightly tinted glasses, and is fairly short for his age. Is a thin sort, and not much one for physical endurance or strength, despite his stamina. Tends to wear turtleneck sweaters to help protect his skin from the sun.

Personality: Souha is separated by three different personalities, due to Dissociative Identity Disorder, stemming from traumatic events in his childhood.

Mask: The most polite and scared of the three personalities, the Mask is not the original Mask that was developed, but a new one made out of desperation of the mind... And as well, is the only mentally female personality. She tends to stay quiet and focus on all of the schoolwork, much to the chargin of another personality... As well, she tends to try to believe that she has no "illness", and that all other posts made, while terrifying to her, are done by others who wish to harass her.

Oddly, she is undisturbed by having a male body... And might know subconsciously that she isn't really a girl. ... yet. [Note: This personality is considered to be "gone".]

Slave: The Slave is the most irritated and short-tempered of the personalities, and is generally the "closest" to what Souha's full personality would be. Formerly more unhinged, pyromanic, and psychotic, after much chipping away at his psyche, due to Erland Eusebius, he eventually realized that no matter how much he wants to think it, he isn't the "real" Souha, and since then, he's felt his sadistic behavior be crushed, preferring more to lock himself up and study, in order to avoid reminders of it.

However, he's also oddly the most social and personable of the personalities, and also the most caring, much to his initial chagrin. He'll easily jump to conclusions about things, even if it's about others, and rise to anger at the slightest bit of intimidation... Despite also having little actual spine against those who frighten him.

Contradiction: The odd in-between, more outright feminine one, the one who is not the first or the second, the formation of denial. The contradiction's personality is based initially on what Souha's mind wishes to live in denial of... But at recent, due to her own mental efforts, she's formed more into a researcher/scientist, with an incredible amount of curiosity for reactions, be it physical or emotional. As a result, she tends to come off as detached, if not... Psychotic, much like how the Slave used to act.

She does hold some amount of care for... Certain people, but she tends to express this as a "tough love" display, preferring to bring it out to the open just what is wrong, no matter what the "tact" might be concerning it, to the point where she comes off as a bit of a jerk, as well. But she sees this as no actual issue.

After all, what gives her reactions shall always work, for her.

Abilities: Is a born pyrokinetic, due to a curse that's been placed upon his entire family. Due to an ability-enhancing ring, he is able to command greater control over the production and movement of flames, to the point where he can create fireballs. He has a high amount of stamina due to teaching himself how to use his abilities.

He also is able to materialize Baou's gauntlets, due to the monster granting him them in his death throes. These gauntlets give him increased strength when used, and would potentially steal the soul of anyone he'd kill using them... But that will never come up.

He is also highly intelligent, and possesses Duel Spirit sight. ))

Has a son named Sumiho [ 澄灯 ] who was born December 2nd, 2015 in-game time.
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