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Jul. 21st, 2017 11:49 pm[personal profile] ogrewarrior
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The day's here, oh boy oh boy. You've been tapped by Kaz for training, special or otherwise. He's spread you all out through the day, so you've got what seems like a fairly short amount of time for a one on one, if you've cheated and communicated with the people near your block.

Before you've come, there was a short survey of what action fields you wanted help 'ingraining' and what you think your deck's greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses are, as well as what sort of deck you wanted to duel against.

When you arrive, he's got a folder with your name on it he's flipping through. If you're doing this in a certain way, with a bike or have news to deliver with a sibling, he's more than willing to accommodate.

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Jul. 20th, 2017 12:44 pm[personal profile] cattailtricks
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Well, there. Now things are as they should be, at least to me.

I should be able to join the Super Junior League starting with the next meeting, it looks like.


Jul. 20th, 2017 01:45 am[personal profile] fearthearrow
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*he keeps stretching his arm, making sure it's alright.

For a duelist, the arms staying in shape is pretty important. He couldn't do anything if something happened to it, and he had to make sure the medical team knew it.

But what Isao said bugged him. What does he even know about what he was bringing to this? What could he even tell? Did he overestimate him, or...

Kou shook his head as he finally made his way out of the College. At least with Trena indisposed now by her mom, he can maybe get back to his apartment... unless people want to stop him to chat about what happened, of course.*

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Jul. 17th, 2017 09:18 pm[personal profile] sketchthefuture
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I have a really awesome announcement to make!!

When I go into my final year of school at the Domino Duel Academy in October, I'm also going to be doing a few days of classes at the island Duel Academy too! Mom and I applied for it at the beginning of the year and I was chosen to be able to join on this program in the new school year, then the year after I'll start properly full-time!

I'm so excited!!

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Jul. 16th, 2017 06:22 pm[personal profile] naturalcure
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Okay. I had a setback, but I'm fine now.

Now. First things first and let's make this super clear: Vesik. I know you're readin' this.

They were gonna suspend you for the shit you pulled. I told them, no. Don't suspend him. Let me at him. I'll duel him. I'll duel Akaba. I'll duel them on the same night, done. So they did me one better, and they made this three-way match. Now I know that's probably what you and your manager were expecting, right?

Well here's where things are gonna start veering off on your plan. You think you can beat me. You think you can break me. You think you can crush me.

You can't.

I'm indestructible.

And you're gonna find that out the hard way.

NPD Announcement

Jul. 16th, 2017 06:08 pm[personal profile] duelacademynpcs
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Nippon Professional Dueling has announced the next defense of the Action Dueling World Championship! In a surprise twist, the announcement will be...a three-way duel between the champion, Reiji Akaba and two challengers, Isabel Marias and Timur Vesik!

This announcement comes as a surprise as, after Vesik's interruption of Marias and Akaba's duel at New Sun Rising, it was believed that punishment in the form of heavy fines and a possible suspension was inevitable for Vesik and his manager, Jean-Michel Roget. The two have been fined by the NPD, but now it seems like Vesik will get exactly what he has wanted since he came to this league from Europe, a shot at the Action Dueling World Championship!

The match is scheduled for the Kaibadome on [x.xx]. The NPD has stated that this will be the last defense of the championship before the Duel Festival. That means whoever wins this duel will be the champion entering the Duel Festival, which is expected to be the largest dueling event in the country since the WRGP.

Dueling analysts had this to say about the match-up...

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Jul. 16th, 2017 03:33 pm[personal profile] becomeanwarrior
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Sorry for the radio silence, everyone. I've been pretty busy 'tween the kid and running OOPARTS as an actual business, these days. Top-level restructuring, business meetings, budget plans, etc etc.

Swear it feels like I've been stuck in boardrooms for months, at this point.

Also, got my hair cut back the way I like it. It's still that ridiculous shade of red, but I can kinda work with that. Kinda like it, actually.

Not gonna comment on the stuff that's been going on because it'd be a lil' bit redundant.

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Jul. 15th, 2017 02:28 pm[personal profile] shiningsylvia
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[Layla, Lauren and Kelly]

Hey, Layla. Can I ask something real quick?

It's not milkshake related.

Dual Post

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:10 am[personal profile] ogrewarrior
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[Private Journal to: Tsurugi, Garum, Landrobe]

Oy, you three. I've got some special classes starting up and you three made my first round of cutting wheat from the chaff. Got some pull at the college. Gonna count as classes there for you, Tsurugi, all expenses covered. Ya just gotta show up. And credit at DA, Landrobe.

... sorry to say, Garum. Ya ain't got much of a choice. I'm yanking ya into my program.

[Private to Sylvia, Yasha, Trendafilka, Yuma, Yuzu, Gogenzaka, and Yuya]

So, uh. You folks made a pretty big splash in the junior league. So, on the weekends I'm gonna run some extra courses if you're interested...?

I know you guys aren't exactly all fans of LDS, but. I've gotten a ban to be lifted on one of you, you just can't touch expensive looking things. Trendafilka. And we're not weird or shifty. Comparatively. Though, uh. If we're running small schools out of business in other cities...? I get the anger.

[Private to Kiko]


[Finally: An Event]

Kaz is sitting outside of a testing room, ice pack over one eye, muttering about 'how much he hates himself' and 'that smug prick' and 'no wonder I don't have many friends.'

Dual Post

Jul. 14th, 2017 03:06 pm[personal profile] crowverlord
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So, uh. Who killed my butler? Is it that pink-haired girl I sang to for four hours? Because kudos to you, kid.

Guess this means I gotta get my ass in gear, huh?


You can find Layla in the park, in the dark of the night, piecing things together. She has her flock of crows as always, a crooked nose, and a black eye. She's mumbling to herself and a speck of light behind her. She seems to be piecing something together with her crow's help. And is. Singing to herself.

"Mad dog you bit off more than you can chew. Mad dog, bet they're all really sad and blue. Mad dog, why'd you have to die? No one misses you, no one's gonna cry!"

There's more, but that's basically the gist.

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Jul. 13th, 2017 05:23 pm[personal profile] keepersouha
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I apologize to anyone who might've needed me over the past couple weeks or so. But... some things happened. Some things I'm not really sure how to explain, or if I'm even legally allowed to explain just yet given what's going on. But... it's not been very good for me or for anyone involved.

As a result, Noriko and I will be taking Sumiho with on a family vacation in the near future to recuperate from this. It's... rather necessary at this point.

I apologize to any patients or interests for this. But I'll get back onto what I was looking into after I feel more stable.

[Private to Jinn]

Jul. 12th, 2017 11:11 pm[personal profile] naturalcure
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So I guess Desde told I had a freak-out, huh.
strongyuzu: (The hostages have escaped!)
Okay, let's talk about Duel Generals.

There are many powerful duelists in Academia that serve the Professor. These are going to be the top of the top, extremely powerful, elite, veteran duelists that answer directly to the Professor and as long as they're acting towards his wishes, have complete unilateral authority to command other Academia forces or authorize any sort of operation they want. They have access to the very best tech, the very best cards, the very best everything. Obviously, they are extremely dangerous and though they may have their own motivations, they're completely dedicated and completely loyal to the Professor's vision...which makes confrontation between them and the Lancers inevitable.

The Duel Generals are going to be major antagonists throughout the rest of the Arc-V plot, starting in the Wonder Quartet and carrying on until the end of the plot. Here's the key points to keep in mind:

- They're the absolute top tier of duelists in Academia. Naturally, they use Fusion Summoning. They're on the same level as duelists like Juudai, Isabel, Yusei, Jack, Reiji, etc. The only duelists at this point that can be considered solidly above them at this moment would be guys like the Professor and Yuri. As we go through the Arc-V plot, this will change, natch.

- They can be OCs or a canon character adapted to fit into Academia and the Fusion Dimension.

- They're Academia veterans, they've gone to the school themselves and proven themselves with distinction multiple times.

- They're loyal to the Professor. They may have their own motives here, they may not agree with all of the Professor's methods and ideas, but...they serve him with loyalty, despite it. No betrayals or "weh I could do a better job" shtick here! That's Roget's racket.

- Connected to their strength, they'll initially be dominant, pretty much implacable antagonists. Throughout the Wonder Quartet and Synchro, anybody who runs afoul of these guys will get messed up, the first victory over one of them coming late in the Xyz section of the plot and the rest of them being defeated during the Fusion section of the plot as the protagonists make their way to the Professor.

- They can have supernatural abilities - psychic abilities, cybernetic enhancements, duel spirit related stuff. This can be further enhanced by experimental Mode Change technology. Basically whatever needs to be done to put them on the same tier as the guys with the really strong powers in the setting currently.

- They can have any forces they want and they can go wherever they want. Wanna take a bunch of Obelisk Force to go beat up some spellcasters in Endymion? Sure! Wanna take a bunch of Obelisk Force and go beat up critters in Naturia Forest? By god, you do it! Synchro? Xyz? Wherever else? Do it! As long as it, in the long run, serves the goal of the Arc Area Project, the Duel Generals have pretty much total autonomy from the Professor and authority to command near anybody else in Academia. Don't try to command Yuri too much though. That. That's just a bad idea.

There's also room for other high-ranking personnel within Academia who aren't Generals. A couple examples of these would be Sora (Brigadier General) and eventually, Edo Phoenix (Commander-In-Chief of the Xyz Forces). There's plenty of room for these guys to fill out the named antagonist ranks as we go through various locations like Synchro, Xyz, Fusion and a couple of Duel Spirit worlds. If you have any ideas for a member of Academia, be they a General or otherwise, feel free to place them in this post -- and if you have any ideas that aren't totally there yet, contact Jeff and we can work something out.

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Jul. 12th, 2017 10:20 am[personal profile] soundofthestorm
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Well since my rival did it...

I'm Tendou Hayate and I'm better than almost all of you in every way.

Wonder Quartet

Jul. 11th, 2017 06:39 pm[personal profile] strongyuzu posting in [community profile] duelacademy_ooc
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So, let's talk about the Wonder Quartet.

As of right now, the Wonder Quartet is an announced event for the Duel Festival. It's thought to be a standard tournament, where the winner will get a title shot at the Action Dueling World Champion in the main event and the final duel of the Duel Festival. In reality, because of the risk of an invasion from Academia during the event, it's going to turn into a city-wide battle royale using the Wonder Quartet Action Field Spell.

The simplest way to put this is that there's going to be two parts to this event. There's going to be actual competition between the duelists to try and win the Wonder Quartet...this will mostly just be opportunities to have our characters explore the city with a different flavor to the setting (four different flavors, actually) and have some fun duels with the setting. After that, there's going to be the part where everything goes to shit once Academia shows up. This is going to be our first instance of a confrontation with forces from the Fusion Dimension, the following Academia forces will be in the Wonder Quartet:

- Obelisk Force: Basically the job squad of Academia, these guys have the power level they need to have in any given confrontation and they run lots of Ancient Gear Hunting Hound. They focus on outnumbering the opponent and don't really fight fair. There'll be plenty of them that are available to duel. At this point in the story, they should be pretty tough to take down for the most part, especially when 3 of them are teamed up at the same time.

It should be noted, there will be a spot near the end of the plot where the Obelisk Force will pool their resources and summon a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig motherfuckin' monster to try and wreak some havok with. This will present an opportunity for everybody to team up and take it down together.

- Duel General: More details on these guys will be available tomorrow - they are basically extremely strong senior duelists from Academia who answer directly to the Professor and have authority to command near any forces within Academia. One of them will be in the Wonder Quartet overseeing the mission to retrieve Serena and Yuzu. They'll be available to be confronted, but they will be extremely dominant during the course of this event.

- Sora: The sheep's clothes come off - he's here to retrieve Serena. All of his confrontations will be dictated by Ark.

- Yuri: The Professor's right-hand dude and the holder of one of the Four Dimension Dragons, he's come to retrieve Yuzu. All of his confrontations will be dictated by Corvus and Linka, but it's more or less safe to assume that anybody who runs into this dude besides Yuzu is gonna get turned into a card.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room - people getting carded. For the most part we can just use NPCs about this. But if you're interested in adding drama and stakes to the story by having a character be turned into a card, that is possible to do. Please be warned - being turned into a card will completely remove that character from this plot, pretty much for the duration. We're going to be trying to do the stuff after the Wonder Quartet with expedience so characters that are turned into cards aren't in limbo for months and months but there can always be bumps and roadblocks along the way, so just know...it could be a bit before that character is back in the story and one way or the other, they will miss the balance of the Arc-V plot up to, at the earliest, the finale of the plot in the Fusion Dimension. Basically -- just be aware that once this is done, it's not reversible for the balance of the Arc-V plot.

ICly, spots in the Wonder Quartet are limited and have to be earned in some way or another but OOCly, don't worry about that too much. We can finagle a way for them to get in no matter what. If they're a pro, a DA student, an LDS student, a Ryozanpaku student, a Super Junior member, a New Horizons member, any stuff like that, that's a pretty easy way to explain it. If they're not one of those categories, we can figure something else out. Maybe they won it in a store tournament. Maybe they were Kaibaland's 1,000,000th customer! Don't worry too much about it right now, if you want your character in the Quartet, just toss their name down in response to this post.

And if you want your character to be sealed into a card during Wonder Quartet, you can either put it in a comment on this post here or if you want it to come as a surprise during the tournament, you can tell Jeff or Linka in PMs and we'll figure out a way to get it done when the event rolls around.

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Jul. 11th, 2017 05:38 pm[personal profile] shiningsylvia
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*Sylvia is walking through a park in Domino, mumbling to herself the whole time as she puts her phone back in her pocket*

Isao's such a jerk. "Now that I beat eveone up to win I guess I'll be their friend now." I bet he likes Attack of the Clones or something dumb like that, too. Not even any of the good ones. He probably thinks the coolest character from the new ones is Kylo Ren, just like that stupid as-

*She gets cut off and stops walking*
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