keepersouha: (barely listening)
Aah... It's getting colder, isn't it?

Soon we'll get more rain, more snow... How troublesome, honestly.

This wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so bored of staying inside.
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
What an interesting store that is-- I should really go there more often. So many things to look into~

[Private to Noriko]

Noriko, dear, I've found something interesting.
keepersouha: (oh huh?)
... That's the first time in a while that I've seen Sekuta actually act irritable.

How interesting, how interesting...
keepersouha: (barely listening)
It's sorta funny, to see how oblivious someone could be... I guess one just doesn't become accepting, after a while. Mn~

... I do have to wonder why Sekuta bought such an odd clock. It isn't like we're in need of another way to tell time.
keepersouha: (barely listening)
Haa... Nothing really interesting or relevant is going on.

Something about attacks that have been happening in the city? Boring. It's not like those don't happen all the time.

The slave not responding anymore to my attempts to... Mmn, help him? Tiring. Them using a broom to push things away, hah.

Haven't really bothered Shikou recently, but he tends to be a hit or miss about reactions... Studying and studying every day... I do love to learn, but this is unexciting.

I should figure out something to do.
keepersouha: (barely listening)
Mmmn~, things feel so quiet now, since that got fixed. It's almost a shame, isn't it?

It doesn't help that the top is so boring. Trying to lock themselves up out of shame...

At least they aren't angry all the time, anymore.
keepersouha: (barely listening)
How different, last night... Do hope that didn't exhaust the dear top.

He really does try too hard, sometimes.
keepersouha: (barely listening)
That was a nice walk last night.

How strange, though-- he actually left me a note.

... A note filled with curses and statements about missing something that was supposed to happen, but I'm sure that's not important.

He certainly is becoming more irritable, though. How interesting...
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
... At the least, that ended well.

... Though, mn... Very interesting. They seem to form more easily, now...

Is it because of that...?
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)

Observing them has been interesting. Their hesitation. Their paranoia-- quite lovely, really. Especially with their weakening grip, and their anger... It's so amusing.

My head has felt heavy recently, though, as a result. But... Heh, I guess that's what comes of it.

Such musings, such musings...
keepersouha: (really now)
Ha... After something so exciting happened before, now I'm a bit bored...

I do wish that would hurry. There are more interesting things I could be looking into, without having my time get taken up.
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
Haa, what a distracting weekend... Didn't get that done, mnmmn~...

Noriko, I'll most likely be stopping by the island much later, after my evening classes are done.
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
Interesting. I did not expect them to stay out long enough to hold a conversation... They don't usually do that.

Best do that this weekend...
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
Mmn... Just another week or so, and I won't have to bother about the top's silly complaints or worries.

Really, what does he think I'm doing there, mn?
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
That was an interesting show, earlier...

I do wonder how the top would react, if he actually read what I write...
keepersouha: (cheerful)
Last night certainly had a spectacular view.

Though, how odd... The top retreated so quickly, after I let him see. And not even the other top has bothered to show himself, for his daily routine?

How... Interesting, really. It wasn't even that bad.

Those buildings looked abandoned, anyway.
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
Truly, it is very nice to have more challenges, sometimes...

Mn... Wonder if I should look into those, however...
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
Experimentation certainly leads to some interesting results. ... Mmn~...
keepersouha: (thinking)
... I did not expect to wake up here.
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
... I really wonder if I should be disturbed, that I'm able to just get used to this, after this much...

Quite interesting, mnmmm...

Edit: ... uncomfortable... Far too uncomfortable...

Makes me half-wonder if I should have stayed as a girl...


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