keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
... Maybe I should start kidnapping people, and dressing them up...

That might be fun~
keepersouha: (huh?)
... I'm actually surprised!

I would have thought I'd have been out a lot more than this, due to circumstances. Mmn~...

That seems almost odd.
keepersouha: (girl)
... I almost have to wonder how it feels to just... Vanish~

To fade away, to never speak, to lose oneself to the rest...

keepersouha: (huh?)
Mn~, how strange, how strange! I'm surprised that we'd go and split again like that, so soon...

I wonder if this is a supposed to be a sign? Though~, I guess I have been slacking off a bit. I haven't been out as much recently; such a shame~, such a shame~...

... Though, truly, the poor Slave isn't going to be happy, now is he? This seems like something he'd be mad over...

... Or would he be happy that there seems to be someone else to deal with things? Who knows~
keepersouha: (girl)
Shi~ro~ko~ dear~, a moment of your time?

You want that silly~ little penalty off of you, right?
keepersouha: (huh?)
Such a weird thing this is.
keepersouha: (slightly confused here)
Mn~... Such a shame, such a shame... Though I wonder how they would have thought that there'd be any other sort of result...

... Though, now I have to think... Where in the world am I?
keepersouha: (girl)
... Alright~, I think this is the longest that I can handle being locked up, somewhere.

I need to find something thick and protective...
keepersouha: (cheerful)

That problem was fixed quite well~ How lucky~~

Who would have thought that they'd come?
keepersouha: (girl)
... Mmn~... This is troublesome...

The Slave is certainly an oblivious idiot, though, I swear~...
keepersouha: (huh?)

This is certainly the most conflicting thing in the world. Mmn~...


Nov. 10th, 2008 11:52 pm
keepersouha: (slightly confused here)
... Well, now I know to not go after Jean again... Though, it was nice to spend some time with her~. Such a comforting feeling, having the presence of another nearby...

I wonder why it is though, that I've felt the longing for that, recently? How strange, how strange~...

... I should really keep satisfying these desires, though. It might calm us. It'd be nice if the Slave could actually wake up to a relaxed, taken-care-of body, for once~...

... I just hope he won't be upset when he finds out that Sanshi guy and Jean are both on the growing list. Mmn~...

... As for what he talked about... I wonder where that'll go. I guess it is a bit of a shock to hear that... Things are like that for us.

Though it's strange... I feel like I already had the gist about that. Curious~...

I guess it's not something to worry myself about now, though, at least. More important things to take care of, yes~

... Like where in the world Sekuta has gotten off to.
keepersouha: (huh?)
... How definitely... Very strange. Mn~...

I would have thought he'd at least be back by now...

... I want to do something. Slave might not want it, but I want to at least keep our body active. Mn~...

Maybe I should find someone other than my twin, to spend time with. After last night... I don't think I should toy with that too much.
keepersouha: (huh?)
... Guess they really weren't kidding, about that.

keepersouha: (girl)

Well, he seems to not be coming back, anytime soon... And the Slave certainly shouldn't keep our body inside for so long...

Shikou, dear~. I'm going to be coming to kidnap you~


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