keepersouha: (... are you sure?)
Mn... I've been more tired than normal, recently.

At least I'm still managing to stay awake for the classes. I can't miss any of those.
keepersouha: (... are you sure?)
I feel a strange amount of dread hanging over me, for some reason.

... I wonder if it's related to all of that...
keepersouha: (mn?)
... I do have to wonder why I have all of these Flamvell cards around. Mn...

... Wonder if I should try to build something of it? Or just get rid of them?

What to do, what to do...
keepersouha: (mask)
... Could have sworn that I had something that needed to get done...

... Was it even arranged...?
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
Should do that, sometime soon...

But what would they like to do...?

... Hope I'll be awake enough to think about it. I keep falling asleep in the afternoon until morning...

... Shiroko, when should we get together to do something?
keepersouha: (mn?)
... I think I am becoming a bit worried...

What are all these books doing in my room?
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
Can the person responsible please stop posting using my own journal?

It's getting a bit disturbing.
keepersouha: (slightly confused here)
... I think I should be happy right now, but I don't know if I can get past the fact that someone would actually try to eat the study materials...

... I'm just glad that I managed to get my own books I was using away from her...
keepersouha: (mask)
... That other deck is too powerful, I think... It might be nice for anything important, but... Why go overboard with the focus?

I think this one at least will be a bit better, for casual attempts...
keepersouha: (mask)
... I wonder why it is, when some people tend to point out my feminine appearance, that they try to make it sound like a bad thing. Mn...
keepersouha: (mask)
... Guardians... Flambels...

I do have to wonder what I've been thinking of, to have these sorts of decks.

... I wonder if I should trade away the cards, or just dismantle them into a collection... Mn...
keepersouha: (mask)
... I do have to almost wonder, why it is that I can't seem to remember my actions through the weekend...

... Most likely nothing. I have work to focus on very soon. Maybe I should see about looking up something and writing about it, in order to prepare myself...
keepersouha: (thinking quietly)
... Very odd. People keep giving me such odd looks during the day. And they keep asking me if I'm some "clone"... Such a rude thing to ask, I swear...

I wonder if there's something wrong with me trying to be nice to others, that they'd suddenly go and insult me like that?
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
Mn, my glasses broke again... They aren't going to be happy about that, are they?

No matter, I guess. At least I managed to find my contacts well enough.

... Though I wonder where I put that dye?

... Also, does anyone know how to stop one's head from feeling so... Heavy?


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