To Myself:

Mar. 29th, 2009 02:09 pm
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Mnn.... I don't even know if this will end up working, you know... I don't know if I'll bother to read this, the next time I notice a "gap" within my memory.

But... Can you please respond here, myself? Can you please just try to?

I'll try to answer myself, if it ends up being the case.
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*Nice day on the Academy island, isn't it? Warm. Sunny. There's a slight breeze hanging around, but only enough to just be "pleasant".

Only thing is... Isn't the Academy closed? Or it should be? And yet there's students milling around the main building. It's as though classes just ended, and considering the amount of talk amongst them, it probably has.

There's one boy that probably catches your eye though, if only for how the dream is.

It's very obviously Souha; no one else has hair as white as that. Eyes as red as that. Those half-circle glasses. Yet there's a few... Distinct differences, from how you might remember him. The fact that he's very obviously wearing the Yellow uniform, instead. The fact that he actually seems a bit more masculine in appearance, despite his somewhat younger looking state.

And also the completely calm and cheerful look he's having, as he talks to someone at his side.

Go on, interrupt him from talking to the dreamperson. Wonder how the hell you got to a couple years ago, suddenly.*


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