keepersouha: (mnn...)
... Alright, now I'm being followed.

By someone who's very bad at it.
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... Has one ever had crows follow you around?

... As well, has one ever seen them vanish into thin air after spontaneously combusting?
keepersouha: (are you sure?)
Finally, some success has occurred in keeping my mouth shut.

Best birthday I've had in years.
keepersouha: (mnn...)
... Head feels fuzzy... Just what did I do yesterday?

... And why has Sekuta purchased a bunch of red chalk?
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
Alright I think that's enough tearing out my hair and screaming at myself in a neurotic fit for at least the next hour or for as long as I can not look at something.

Noriko, I'm going to ask you this straight-forward.

Did you do anything to Sekuta that I should be aware about?
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... I just saw Sekuta going out with some girl in glasses and some frumpy outfit.

Is he... Seeing someone else?
keepersouha: (mnn...)
Huh... Very odd.

Sekuta acted a bit weird for an hour or so after he came back from being out, but he wouldn't tell me why.

I wonder if something happened?
keepersouha: (mnn...)
... Well, I'm definitely certain that they're doing just fine in there, now. Annoying that they kept wresting control away at the worst times... But I guess I'd rather not know what exactly they did to have angered that monster, before.

... Which, by the way, does anyone know of any monsters that might be both FIRE and WATER attribute? Possibly plant-type, as well, if not dragon-type.

Really, if anyone just even knows of the attribute part, that would be helpful.
keepersouha: (mnn...)
... You know, usually, my headaches don't decide to last for a week.

This is both mildly irritating and generally unsettling.
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
... I don't really remember much of last night, other than parts of it.

I don't know if I should be happy or somewhat confused at myself.
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
... I don't really like looking at the notes that are left around, but...

Why does one of them warn of me being kidnapped in the near future?
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
You know, I really wish sometimes that I didn't suddenly remember stuff just because of seeing a name.

I also wish that I didn't feel like hitting myself whenever I think that.
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
You know, I'm wondering why I'm not freaking out about this.

But I seem to have my side injured and my body aching.

And yet I can't place how or why.
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
... I'm not even sure what I should think about the whole place smelling like peppermint.
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
... I guess that annoyance has been dueling again... Why do they use such a deck, anyway...

... Why am I missing 2500 yen from my wallet, as well?
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
Mrrg... Of all the things to do. Get lost in a castle? I swear, at least the thing let us out after a while of burning all that tried to pop out at us.

... I wonder who that girl was, surrounded by those objects, though. She didn't really look like she fit all that well, with that dress... Maybe she was a banshee in disguise...?
keepersouha: (mild surprise)
... What's with this invitation...?
keepersouha: (mrgh 2)
I swear, that snake's going to try to get himself killed.

What in the world has gotten into his head that he wants to learn how to do those "riding duel" things, keh...
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... For some reason, there's a bunch of bottles of water around where I usually sleep.

I'm wondering if I should be more concerned about how they got there, or how I'm going to get rid of them without touching them.
keepersouha: (erm what?)
... Noriko, why is there a note saying that I'm going on a date with you?


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