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I apologize to anyone who might've needed me over the past couple weeks or so. But... some things happened. Some things I'm not really sure how to explain, or if I'm even legally allowed to explain just yet given what's going on. But... it's not been very good for me or for anyone involved.

As a result, Noriko and I will be taking Sumiho with on a family vacation in the near future to recuperate from this. It's... rather necessary at this point.

I apologize to any patients or interests for this. But I'll get back onto what I was looking into after I feel more stable.
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... so do you ever sometimes wonder if maybe you've gotten too stable, and that the other shoe will eventually drop?

I'm starting to get that feeling.


Nov. 7th, 2016 01:16 pm
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*So, other than Maybe Possibly the New Horizons project starting, it's an honestly beautiful Fall day today.

So Souha's taking some advantage of it and walking around, a small and young Sumiho riding piggyback on their shoulders some of the time, or walking and holding onto Souha's sweater the other time.

They can either be in the park, heading for SAI, or even at SAI, actually. Since Sumiho is pretty At Risk for gaining an ability of some sort... good to get him familiarized with going there at all.*
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... You know, maybe I should really get out more often.

I just wish it could be without the guard around, all the time. I know why Noriko wants me to stay protected, and it does help with taking care of Sumiho, just...

It feels a little stifling, I guess?


*Souha can be found at the park. With or without their small toddler child.

But irregardless of that, someone else is also nearby-- a Samasu with black and blue hair that covers their eyes, clearly standing guard over the firestarter.*
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... I feel like I'm really fortunate, that I haven't gone outside too much since Sumiho has been born.

I feel like I missed something that would've been very bad, for me.
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... I'm a parent now. Huh.

I'm sure my reaction will have a lot more impact, once the shock wears off.
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... So, I somehow won two tickets to a four-day cruise trip that departs from Domino's docks.

I didn't enter into any sort of raffle or anything, so I'd have to wonder if this is good luck... And I hate water and being on ships for any extended period of time, so I have to wonder if this is bad luck.

Either way, is anyone interested in them? The cruise itself would be departing at the beginning of September.
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... So I burned a Key Mace... #2, today.

I'd feel bad, but they just got done changing other people's personalities, and I didn't want to give it an advantage when it was flying right at me.

Wonder why it was doing something like that, though.
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Would anyone ever really think of me as "accursed"?
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... This is a little troublesome.

I had a sorta of... Odd dream, but I woke up with an XYZ card with me. "Hiita the Hellfire Summoner". Mm...


[Private to Shiyoko]

... Ah, are you alright...?
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Whoever can point me to where I can find a "Sullivan Adams" would be more appreciated.

Because I need to find them.

To burn them.
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Alright. I think my mind is better now.

... I think, at least. I think I'm still dazing out at points, but I feel like I'm thinking at least at a normal capacity, once more.

I hope I don't experience something like that again anytime soon.


Feb. 15th, 2013 12:28 pm
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*somewhere around the city, Souha is either wandering aimlessly, or is, well... really, just staring at nothing. They have a bit of a blank look on their face-- not really attentive to their surroundings, but apparently not thinking about anything, either...*
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Hello~, Jinn... Shrieves, I think? Or is it Naoma? Whatever.

I have heard that you have obtained a sentient camera of sorts. Is this true?
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I'm going to destroy every camera ever who the hell would think up something like this why does something have the ability to do this like this why.

[Event Post]

*So, Souha is at a cafe.

And seems to uh. Be having a staring contest. With themselves. Only one looks like a very feminine boy and the other is a boyish-looking girl. The latter of which is kinda boredly participating, tapping a finger on their cheek, as though waiting for when the other one will finally talk.

You might need to. Break this awkwardness.*


Sep. 12th, 2012 10:48 pm
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*So, Souha's in a junkyard somewhere in Domino.

They seem to be taking clear clear advantage of the number of easily flammable objects. Purposely setting some on fire and watching them burn, or idly immolating items they're not even touching.

All with a contemplative look on their face.*
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I think I've made enemies with some blonde woman.

Also she called me a vampire.
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Nghh... I've been feeling irritated recently...

Maybe I should just go back to staying inside and reading. Least I was happy, then.


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