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Experimentation certainly leads to some interesting results. ... Mmn~...

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I've been experimenting with a few things. I'm not entirely sure how, but...

I'm very sure the last time I set something simply on fire, that I did not get a small explosion, instead.

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... Okay then.

You look like a girl, you know.

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What? It's quite interesting! It was effortless to do something of that magnitude, as well... Really amazing, to be honest.

... And that's an unintentional appearance.

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... I see.

It's the hair. It's very fluffy and girly.

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... What? Shocked by my increased power?

Well, we quite like our hair, so you'll just have to get used to it looking feminine. Do wish the top would stop dying it sometimes, honestly.

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So burn them when they do?

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Now now, it's not like I'm masochistic. It's not like I'd want to feel that particular pain, myself.

Besides, it'd be dangerous to do so right now.

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... What, are you disappointed that I wouldn't set myself on fire?

How interesting...

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Mostly because it's boring.

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... Maybe, but now I wonder why you're trying to convince someone to do it, regardless...