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Mmn... Just another week or so, and I won't have to bother about the top's silly complaints or worries.

Really, what does he think I'm doing there, mn?

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If it really annoyed you, you'd tell someone else, so you'd know he'd get the message.

...or write it down, but I assume you at least do that much, and he's stubborn about reading them.

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Of course I do.

I believe he goes and burns every note I leave to ash, so he doesn't have to look.

He's amusing like that.

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Admittedly he's rather odd like that, though you do seem to have that effect on people.

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"That effect"? I don't try to make people burn the information I give them.

That's of their own choosing, and never helps with my own interests.
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[identity profile] 2009-09-17 06:01 am (UTC)(link)'re thinking too narrowly. ...or too literally.

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It's either or! I'd like to see what you'd think, personally.

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It could very well be 'and'.

...on what?

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Well, on what you think it is that I'm doing.

What makes it feel like I'm thinking too narrowly? Or too literally? Or even both?

After all, it's not like you clarified yourself what you meant, before. So how did you expect me to take it, mn?

I'm curious.

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Knowing you, probably some sort of trouble.

It'd be a waste of time trying to explain it to you.

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You don't know me very well, then.

Heh, of little faith, correct? Though... Actually, maybe this is good that I've gotten your attention.

Can I ask something?

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More minor trouble... like giving someone a hotfoot to see their reaction, or watching buildings burn to see how they collapse, or that sort of thing.

More that if you don't get it already, then it'll be a headache even trying.

...I imagine you'll do so either way, so shoot.

[Private to Erland]

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Heheheh, you really do expect very little of me. But... You are very off. I guess it's to be expected.

That ring you gave to the top. There's no way at all that it can interact with anything other than my natural abilities, correct?

Re: [Private to Erland]

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Would you rather I said I expected you to be a gigolo? OR maybe working at a gay bar? I could see you pulling that off.

Mmm... that's actually a good question... It's designed to work with your abilities, and that's it's primary function, but due to the nature of the material it's made out of, it could have other effects, just far less pronounced.

Re: [Private to Erland]

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Neither of those. I like gaining attention-- not going and looking for it myself in such... Unorthodox ways.

... How to put this...

Many months ago, the top had dueled a Guardian Baou that had... Gone mad with power. Strangest thing happened, too-- when that Baou died, we... Gained the ability to summon his gauntlets, so I would have to figure that it holds some form of influence on us.

Of course, I'm the only one who remembers they're there. The poor things, not being acknowledged...

Though would anything like that interact oddly with that ring?

Re: [Private to Erland]

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Getting attention is usually a bad idea, I've found. ...says the guy in a pink frilly shirt, but still.

...Huh... I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Though I don't think it'd interact too much with the ring, besides maybe making it a tiny bit easier to bring them out. The material does help with focusing in general, if slight.

Re: [Private to Erland]

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Attention gives me material. It is as simple as that. I would just like to keep some form of dignity, about that. And that does not include working in a bar, or partaking of Jouyoku's jabbings at the top's insecurities.

Ah... Good. I didn't want to end up using those and have something explode on us.

I'm very sure the top wouldn't be glad if that happened.

Re: [Private to Erland]

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I imagine you enjoyed it, regardless.

Just so long as it's not with me or my girls again.

I imagine losing one's arms would be troublesome.

Re: [Private to Erland]

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If I gain information, then the purpose is complete. That is all.

Unless if such a use could be brought about, I don't see much reason to use it on anyone-- let alone you or any of your "girls".

This is just an informative precaution.