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Haa... Nothing really interesting or relevant is going on.

Something about attacks that have been happening in the city? Boring. It's not like those don't happen all the time.

The slave not responding anymore to my attempts to... Mmn, help him? Tiring. Them using a broom to push things away, hah.

Haven't really bothered Shikou recently, but he tends to be a hit or miss about reactions... Studying and studying every day... I do love to learn, but this is unexciting.

I should figure out something to do.

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Anything particularly, dahling?

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That's what I'm trying to wonder. I don't want to do something wasteful, but I want to do something to... Break this monotony that seems to have settled.

Maybe I'll find something to do target practice on. That might be why I feel restless.

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Or maybe you need to do something different?


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Perhaps. Also, how well do you think a black-haired wig would look on me?


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Only if it were cute. Or I could make it black.

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Of course it'd be "cute".

But more I want to do it so I don't spend hours on whimsy dying my hair, just so the slave can be annoyed as a result and then compulsively wear those contacts instead for no reason. Or wash it all out.

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I think you'd be a very very cute brunette, dear. The hair and skin would be a gorgeous contrast with your red eyes.

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Heheh, you think so? While I am a bit partial to violet, I guess red wouldn't hurt sometimes.

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It'd be absolutely exotic and alluring.

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Then maybe I will get that.

So what were you "mmm"ing about, dear?

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We can be listless and bored together, at least.

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Perhaps. But only if you were at home with me.

Though, I do want to go over to the castle near the school.

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I wouldn't mind coming by~

... Oh? A castle?

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Some cuddling would quite nice.

Yes. Castle. Fog. Seems to have a Vampire. And if it's the Vampire I think it is, there's some books I want to read.

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I look forward to something like that.

... Interesting. Is it that vampire that went and made such a forward proposal before in the community?

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My office at Red, then.

Yes. Him.

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Ah, yes. He was fun to disappoint.

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Though, he might interest you.

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He seemed very interested in things that happened before. But he's far too obvious-- can't appreciate the joys of keeping information away for just long enough.

That, and it's interesting to see how a vampire acts. We were never a good example of one, to me, and the other one that was around... Well, let's just say it would be good research to see.

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I'm more interested in his books in all honesty.

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Well of course, there's those too. But I like spreading out my options.

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It's just mostly he's one of the more renowned Biologists in the 12 Dimensions.

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Yes. He deals in very fringe Biology, but, supposed to be smart and all. Never met him personally.

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Very interesting... Might as well add another point to the list.

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I'm planning on going over in the next few days with Sanshi, if you wish to join.

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Oh, with that odd one? ... Very well, I wouldn't mind.

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Charmed. I'll alert you a night before or a couple hours.

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And do wear at least one article of clothing that's... higher end. We don't want to offend those over there.

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... I'm sure I have something, at least.

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Love you dear. See you later.

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Love you too.