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... That's the first time in a while that I've seen Sekuta actually act irritable.

How interesting, how interesting...

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No idea why...?

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He said earlier that he was going to go and meet Noriko over her apparent offer to have me stay with her.

Maybe the two events are connected, mm?

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Why would anyone want to risk meeting her.

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Because she offered to take me in, if Sekuta goes to help teach back at Duel Academia.

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You must be some masochist to be willing to put up with her.

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I happen to be quite fond of her.

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It's very hard for me to find figures of mutual interest.

That, and it's quite easy for me to bond with a fellow researcher.

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Of course.

I consider myself a researcher. Of others.

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You're both sick and twisted nuts. You belong together.

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[Private to Souha]

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If Sekuta goes teaching at Duel Academy, would you have interest in living with me?

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Maybe, maybe not. What would be the purpose?

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Your brother's paranoid that you need to essentially be under lock and key and you'll die without him or someone to take care of you.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Heheh... Probably because of the dear Slave. Such a troublesome dear.

But that doesn't really support whatever argument you just tried to make there.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Your brother is so paranoid he needs to be watching you, or someone else. He can't be at the college, so I'd be your "Guardian", if you have interest.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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I'd say "sure, why not?", since there isn't much else by way of options, but you'd probably have to get the Slave's agreement, too.

Or you can just kidnap me in the middle of the night and ignore his endless complaints, either one.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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I figured I'll have to listen to his argument.

I promised I wouldn't do that.

I have a desire to rewire that snide Mat, but can't because he's too important to ou.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Oh, go ahead, it's not like you didn't and make him see you as his "master" before, anyway.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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He'll only meet me in a public area, and I am trying to prove I'm better than hit and runs.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Ah? He's smart.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Annoyingly smart. It makes me want to destroy my cheese cake and eat it.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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That's him-- he really wouldn't be "Sekuta" if he didn't take precautions like that.

But hey, if you snap at him, you snap at him. Not my problem.