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Mmmn~, things feel so quiet now, since that got fixed. It's almost a shame, isn't it?

It doesn't help that the top is so boring. Trying to lock themselves up out of shame...

At least they aren't angry all the time, anymore.

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Incompatibility to thoughts.

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Because she's soft and comfy?

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No no, they managed to adapt somewhat to that. They wouldn't have shame from something they wanted, now would they~

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Then what's the problem, sweetheart?

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They keep getting into a bad cycle.

A: Think something happened

B: Reaction would be to hate the person who did it

C: Negative relations with person are bad

D: Don't want negative relations with them - Go back to A

Leads to a nasty repeating cycle that they don't want, so they hide in shame over even thinking it in the first place.

Makes things boring.

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I know, I know! So troublesome, so depressing. It makes things awkward too.

At least it's fun to be somewhere and have them come out instead. Injects some fresh air into them.

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You could always drop him in the middle of nowhere after taking over.

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I do that all the time! It's interesting at least to watch him realize that he's slowly getting farther and farther away from where he last remembered he was at.

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Or at least take him to the person he doesn't want to think about.

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But it's annoying to have to go across the ocean for that, it's more interesting to just see how long he'll last before he has a breakdown or something.

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Hrm. A breakdown would bad. I'd suggest confronting the problem.

[Private to Souha]
How long do you think before she snaps?

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Mm~, maybe.

[Private to Noriko]

I'll give you an idea of how I think this is going to go, dear.

The time those materials of a new Mask appeared, were immediately after a spat occurred between the top and Shiroko, where she went a bit... Psychotic, said things about hating him, tried to hurt him...

Considering that there will be previous implications if he ever thinks about what you decided to do with that "experiment"... Probably not very long.

[Private to Souha]

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Perhaps I should just call it off. And it would help to make sure stupid people don't try and hunt me down.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Maybe! Or keep it going and see how long it takes for them to snap under the pressure of seeing them at any time.

I mean, it gets me results either way.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Now, how to do it subtly.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Oh I'm sure they won't notice if you do it when they expect they'll be going out with you and having a nice time.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Then we'll be going out this week.

Re: [Private to Souha]

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There we go! That will be so lovely! See you Wednesday!

Re: [Private to Souha]

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Hello~, I'm certain you're at least well?

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Yes. And I hope to remain as such as long as you don't plan to turn me into a slut again.

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I have no interest in doing that, really.

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Good! Now that that's settled, is there something you need, mm?

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Not really. Just mostly saying hello

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Then a welcoming set of greetings to you. Do stay happy, alright?

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Good, good, very good!

Then try harder.

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Quiet's always good.

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It can be.

But it's so boring when it happens.

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Oh, I would, but no one gives such interesting reactions, anymore. They're all worried about other things.

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I guess not, but it doesn't lead well to much research. I have no use for children or futures in my studies of immediate reactions.

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Oh, so you were bored with Time Travel.

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There's only so much you can do with the young and possibly brainwashed.

At least watching Sekuta reach the end of his rope with trying to stay civil was interesting.

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I should take him out to dinner and for a nice hot bath.

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I'm sure he'd appreciate it! At least now he probably won't melt!

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However, would you necessarily enter into a hot bath?

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Sure. To beat out rust and clean out my pipes and clean me off.

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Interesting. I wouldn't figure someone of such cold temperatures would dream of doing that.

All the more needed for my research.